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Meeting & Event Planning

World-Class Conferences & Expos

Hardiman-Williams plans and delivers dozens of corporate meetings annually ranging in size from smaller annual meetings to larger industry tradeshows. The goal of our team is simple: create professional, profitable, entertaining, and engaging events that keep attendees coming back year after year. In fact, our turnkey planning and management of one client's annual conference has resulted rave reviews and in a six-figure net surplus for the past several years.

Even during the challenging times defined by COVID-19, our team was able to pivot quickly to deliver outstanding virtual and hybrid events (while abiding by stringent COVID safety protocols) for our clients. Not only were such events successful, but the 2021 World of Modular—which was long-planned to be in-person but was transitioned to our virtual platform—boasted the highest attendance and engagement of any World of Modular to date.

Below are two examples of larger and smaller events that our team has managed, marketed, and grown.

World of Modular

Held annually at various locations around the world (and online, when needed), World of Modular is not only the biggest event for the Modular Building Institute, but also for the entire modular construction industry. With over 1,000 attendees, dozens of speakers, and 100+ exhibitors every year, World of Modular focuses on education and networking, but it's the little touches made by our staff—personalized attention, champagne at the onsite registration desk, pre-show welcome kits, and more—that make this convention a must-attend industry event.

MHBA Annual Membership Meeting

The Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA) gathers its members every year to conduct association business and renew professional connections. While the meeting is comparatively small (with around 150 attendees and exhibitors), the event has steadily grown thanks to our teams steady marketing and relationship building. The incorporation of an awards dinner in 2021 was a huge boon, and anticipation for the next meeting has already begun.

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