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Nearly every non-profit has some gaps in its services, benefits, or programs that could be improved upon.
Many non-profits also face one time issues or events that current staff simply cannot dedicated time towards.
Hardiman-Williams has worked with clients to help obtain tax exempt status, develop websites and
customized database solutions, and create new events.


Modular Building Institute (MBI)

MBI is an international 501(c)6 trade association serving the commercial modular construction industry with three hundred member companies in twenty countries. Hardiman-Williams provides total turn-key services for MBI.

Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA)

MHBA is the residential modular construction industry trade association. Hardiman-Williams provides turn-key services for this U.S. 501(c)6 organization.

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MBI Educational and Canadian Foundations

The U.S. and Canadian affiliates of MBI, Hardiman-Williams provides bookkeeping, governance, website, communications, and donor development services.

Boys & Girls Club of Waynesboro, Staunton and Augusta County (BGC)

Hardiman-Williams has provided communication and website services for this 501(c)3 organization including interim management services, email communications, quarterly newsletters, annual reports, social media, and website updates.

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Offsite Construction Expo

The Offsite Construction Expo is held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC. It will feature exhibits from offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. Additionally, educational case studies will be presented each hour on the expo floor. There simply is no greater opportunity to reach key partners in the offsite construction industry.

United States Department of Education - Impact Aid Program

On multiple occasions, Tom Hardiman has served as a grant reader for the USDOE’s Impact Aid Program. In this capacity, he read, analyzed, and ranked numerous school construction grants from districts across the country.

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Community Involvement/Philanthropy

The team at Hardiman-Williams also supports various local non-profits and charities with their time and talent. Tom Hardiman has served on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Waynesboro for the past several years and was recently appointed to the Youth Commission, the advisory board for the Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth.

West Virginia Society of Association Executives (WVSAE)

Hardiman-Williams worked with this West Virginia based 501(c)3 organization primarily on governance and compliance issues, working with the IRS and Secretary of State to ensure the organization was operating within the parameters of the law. Additionally, HW worked with the board to develop and implement monthly educational meetings and an annual conference to provide additional professional development opportunities to the membership. HW also helped the organization transition from an obsolete website and antiquated membership tracking system to a new integrated database and website with multiple social media platforms and member communications tools.